Our Beers

We would like to introduce our three unique beers, the Greystone A-Roundabout, the Dillston, and the Range End APA. Each bolster incredible taste, while paying homage to the history of our location and that of our sister restaurant’s.

Greystone A-Roundabout

Our Greystone A-Roundabout IPA is a gently crafted American-style IPA that derives its namesake from the iconic roundabouts of Linglestown, PA. With a mellowed out appearance that is hazy in nature, this brew is characterized by its smooth creamy texture. Contrasting the typical bitterness of an IPA, every sip will make you smile with it’s tropical and juicy sweetness.

Alcohol by Volume: 7.5%

Content: 1 Pint

Brewed and Canned By: Boneshire Brew Works LLC.



We like paying homage to history, it’s kind of our thing. With that in mind, we have created another unique Irish Red Ale that has garnered it’s namesake from our very own Dillsburg. At one time the settlement was known as Monaghan Settlement, at other times it was Dill’s or Dills, Dillstown and even Dillston. It wasn’t until 1833 that it became Dillsburg. Not only does this beer taste great, but you get a small taste of history as well.

Alcohol by Volume: 5.0%

Content: 1 Pint

Brewed and Canned By: Boneshire Brew Works LLC.


Range End APA

Our Range End APA pays respect to the golf course that has allowed Greystone Brew House to be one of the best nineteenth holes in the area. This American Pale Ale is refreshing and clean with a less caramelly malt profile, less body, and less bitter than its IPA counterpart. Finish of your round of gold at the Range End Golf Course with the Range End APA.

Alcohol by Volume: 5%

Content: 1 Pint

Brewed and Canned By: Sign of the Horse Brewery