Our Menu

Make your Greystone experience a memorable one with our upscale take on casual dining! Enjoy our uniquely curated palette of delectable foods hand-crafted with every flavor kept in mind.


House Made BBQ Chips  |  $6
Smoked Bacon Blue Cheese Dip (Gluten Free)

Baked Brie  |  $10
Apricot Jam, Toasted Pistachios (Vegetarian)

Red Beet Hummus  |  $10
Pistachios, Herb Oil, Gluten Free
Pita (Gluten Free and Vegetarian)

Poutine Fries  |  $12
Pulled Short Rib, Cheese Curds, Demi Glaze, Pickled Red Onion, Chives

BBQ Mac & Cheese  |  $9
BBQ Fried Onions, Creamy Cheddar Sauce (Vegetarian)

Fried Dill Pickles  |  $7
Double Dill Ranch (Gluten Free)

Smoked Chicken Nachos  |  $12
Smoked Chicken, White cheddar cheese, Roasted Corn Salsa, Sour Cream, Scallions

Cast Iron Baked Crab Dip   |  $14
Crab, Local Cheese, Aleppo Pepper, Crostini

Crispy Brussels Sprouts  |  $9
Chili, Lime, Honey (Gluten Free and Vegetarian)

Crispy Smoked Wings  |  $10
Jalapeño Ranch, Celery (Gluten Free)

GBH BBQ – IPA Hot Sauce – Alabama White Sauce – Carolina Honey Mustard – Garlic Parmesan- GBH Rub

Artisan Meats & Cheeses  |  $14
Served with Chef Inspired Accompaniments & Crostini


+Grilled Chicken | $5    +Crab Cake | $10   +Grilled Salmon | $8*   +5oz Grilled Flank Steak | $10

Caesar Salad  |  $6 / $10
Romaine Lettuce, Croutons, Parmesan Cheese, Tomatoes, Caesar Dressing

Fried Green Tomato Salad  |  $12
Mixed Greens, Bacon, Avocado, Pickled Red Onion, Tomatoes, Jalapeño Ranch

Greystone Salad  |  $6 / $11
Green Apple, Blue Cheese, Candied Walnuts, Champagne Vinaigrette (Gluten Free)

Butter Lettuce Wedge  |  $12
Bacon, Blue Cheese Crumbles, Roasted Tomatoes, Pickled Red Beet Eggs, Red Onion, Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette (Gluten Free)

Asian Chopped Salad   |  $12
Romaine, Napa Cabbage, Red Cabbage, Cilantro, Carrots, Red Pepper, Edamame, Toasted Almonds, Crispy Wontons, Soy Ginger Dressing (Vegetarian)

House Salad  |  $5 / $8
Shaved Vegetables, Your Choice of Dressing (Vegetarian)

Roasted Beet Salad   |  $12
Roasted Beets, Quinoa, Roasted Sweet Potato, Pistachio, Arugula, White Balsamic (Gluten Free / Vegetarian)

Sandwiches + More

Choice of Ale Battered Fries, Cabbage Slaw, BBQ Chips or House Salad
Gluten Free Bread Available for $1 Surcharge

Crab Cake  |  $18
Lettuce, Tomato, Remoulade, Potato Roll

Smoked Pulled Pork  |  $12
BBQ Fried Onions, Cabbage Slaw, Potato Roll

Stout Braised Short Rib Grilled Cheese  |  $12
Cheddar Cheese, Pickled Red Onions, Arugula, Country Bread

Greystone Burger  |  $12*
Lettuce, Tomato, Cooper Sharp, Bread & Butter Pickles, Special Sauce, Potato Roll

+Bacon | $2  +Pulled Pork | $4
+Substitute Beyond Burger (Vegetarian) | $2

Tequila Lime Grilled Chicken  |  $14
Bacon, Avocado, Fried Queso Fresco, Lettuce, Tomato, Jalapeno Ranch, Potato Roll

Smoked Turkey Baguette  |  $14
Bacon, Avocado, Spinach, White Cheddar, Crispy Onion Straws

Smoked Cuban  |  $13
Smoked Pulled Pork, Weaver’s Smoked Ham, Local Swiss, Mustard, Bread & Butter Pickles, Baguette

Greystone IPA Hot Chicken  |  $13
IPA Hot Sauce, Bread & Butter Pickles, Cabbage Slaw, Potato Roll

Crispy Shrimp Taco  |  $14
Spicy Crispy Shrimp, Pineapple Salsa, Lime Sour Cream, Shredded Lettuce (Gluten Free)

Nashville Hot Cauliflower Taco  |  $10
Dill Pickle, Cole Slaw, Pickled Red Onion (Gluten Free / Vegetarian)

Pulled Pork Taco  |  $12
Brussel Sprout Slaw, Ancho Cilantro Sour Cream, BBQ Pork Rinds (Gluten Free)

House Smoked Pastrami  |  $14
Cabbage Slaw, Local Swiss, Horseradish Mustard, Marble Rye


Only Served after 4:30pm.

Stout Braised Short Rib  |  $25
Sautéed Brussel Sprouts, Red Beets, Sweet Potatoes

Chicken and Dumplings  |  $18
Dutch Style Dumplings, Mirepoix, Chicken Gravy

Shrimp & Grits  |  $23
Seared Shrimp, Roasted Tomatoes, Weaver’s Smoked Ham, Red Onions, Cheddar Grits (Gluten Free)

Crab Cake  |  One / $18  Two / $30
Roasted Corn Cake, Chorizo Hash, Spicy Remoulade

10 oz Flank Steak  |  $24
Red Bliss Smashed Potatoes, Daily Vegetables, House Made Steak Sauce (Gluten Free)

Korean Beef Bowl  |  $24
Jasmine Rice, Cucumber Peanut Slaw

Short Rib Beef Stroganoff  |  $22
Roasted Mushrooms, Egg Pappardelle, Stroganoff Sauce
Make it Vegetarian for $15

Ginger Soy Grilled Salmon  |  $25*
Soba Noodles, Asian Vegetables

Grilled 12oz New York Strip  |  $28*
Red Bliss Smashed Potatoes, Daily Vegetables, House Made Steak Sauce (Gluten Free)

Make it Surf & Turf for $8
Jumbo Shrimp and Scallops

Vegetarian Grain Bowl  |  $15
Curried Crispy Chick Peas, Edamame, Corn, Sweet Potatoes, Pickled Red Onion, Cherry Tomatoes, Arugula, Feta Cheese, Grilled Pita (Gluten Free and Vegetarian)

Seafood Risotto  |  $26
Scallops, Shrimp, Pork Belly, Sweet Corn, Preserved Lemon (Gluten Free)


Ice Cream  |  $6
Chocolate Chip Cookie

Molten Chocolate Cake  |  $8
White Chocolate Whipped Cream, Strawberry Coulis

Banana Foster Break Pudding  |  $8
Caramel Ice Cream

Apple Cranberry Orange Cobbler  |  $8
Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramel Sauce (Gluten Free)


All Kids’ items are served with a choice of Seasonal Fruit, House Salad, or French Fries  |  $8

Buttermilk Chicken Tenders
BBQ Sauce

Creamy Mac & Cheese

Grilled Cheese

Grilled Chicken Breast

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

Full Main Menu

Planning a special date with a significant other or looking to have a family celebration, download our full menu to make life easier. We hope Greystone Brew House can be a part of your next meal plans.